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6 way Power Unit

6 Way Power Pedestal For Class A Motorhomes Driver Side #9012 & Passenger Side #9013 $420 each *..


6-Way Power Units

6 Way Power For Class A MotorhomesDriver Side & Passenger Side 200.00 Per 6-way unit&n..



PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  A-EuroDIMENSIONS32"W x 33"D x 39"H..


Air Bladders

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Full Size Air Bladder - Model # FURNDIMENSIONSFull Size: 54"W x..


American Made C 122

PRODUCT DETAILS Product Model #: AMERICAN MADE Dining Chair Stains: Medium Oak  Lift..



#B1020 ReclinerRecliner: 32" Wide x 34.5" Deep x 41.5" HighMaterial Options: Fabric & Leather/Vi..


B1030 Recliner

#B1030 Recliner Recliner: 31" Wide x 34.5" Deep x 39" High Material Options: Fabric, Urethane, ..


B1050 Power Lift Recliner

#B1050 Power Lift ReclinerRecliner: 33" Wide x 33" Deep x 39" HighMaterial Options: Leather/VinylRec..


B1050 Recliner

#B1050 ReclinerRecliner: 33" Wide x 33" Deep x 39" HighMaterial Options: Leather/VinylReclining Opti..


B1910 Recliner

#B1910 ReclinerRecliner: 33" W x 33" D x 39" HMaterial Options: Leather/VinylReclining Options: Manu..


B1920 Recliner

#B1920 ReclinerRecliner: 33" Wide x 33" Deep x 39" HighMaterial Options: Fabric Reclining Optio..


B1920 Recliner

#B1920 ReclinerRecliner: 33" Wide x 33" Deep x 39" HighMaterial Options: Fabric Reclining Optio..


Barrel Chair

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Barrel Chair - Model # FURNDIMENSIONS27"W x 28"D x 35"H ..


Bolt Down Bracket (For recliner base)

Bolt Down BracketPart #F9082$30 each *Fits around most recliner basesWARRANTY: There is no warr..


Cab Seat Van

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Single Cab Seat For Van - Model # FURN*Single Chair by itself.&..


Cab Seats Integrated

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Integrated Cab Seats - Model #C1941DIMENSIONS27"W x 26"D x 44"H..


Costilla Loveseat

Loveseat: 56" W x 36" D x 41.5" HLoveseat with Console: 61.5" W x 36" D x 41.5" HMaterial Options: F..


Credenza By Justin

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Credenza DIMENSIONS(Custom Sizing)..


CSI Lennox Seat

PRODUCT DETAILS19.5" Seat Depth18.5" Seat width 3"W Arms DIMENSIONS 24.5"W X 42.5"H X..


CSI North Brook Seat

DIMENSIONS  25"W X 24"D X 42.5"H  PRODUCT DETAILS19" Seat Depth19" Seat width 3"..


Custom Dining Booth

Call for prices Custom Sizes & Options..


Custom U-Shaped Booth

Call us today and let us explain our custom booth offerings..


Dinette Booth U-Shaped

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: U-Shaped Dinette Booth - Model # FURN*Does not come with a tabl..


Dinette Booths In Grey

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Dinette Booths  - Model # FURNDIMENSIONS27"W x 42.5"D x 34..


Dinette Cushions

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Dinette Cushions  - Model # FURN*Set of 4 cushions. D..


Dining Chairs Foldable In Light Cherry



Dining Chairs Foldable In Light Cherry



Dining Chairs In Light Cherry

DIMENSIONS18"W x 37.5"H x 18"DPRODUCT DETAILS * Set of 2 for 329.00* In store pricing ..


Dining Chairs In Light Oak

Dimensions19"W x 35"H x 18"DPRODUCT DETAILS* IN STORE PRICING * SET OF 2 FOR 329.00..


Dining Chairs in Mahogany

DIMENSIONS18"W x 35.5"H x 18"DPRODUCT DETAILS16"D Seat Depth18.5"H Seat Height * In Store Prici..


Dining Chairs In Medium Oak

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:Dining Chairs In Medium Oak  - Model # FURN*Does not come w..


Dining Chairs In Mocha



Dutchboy Loveseat

Loveseat:  58"W x 36"D x 38"H                 ..


Dutchboy Sofa

Sofa : 82"W x 36"D x 38"H            86"W x 36"D x 38"H ( Wi..


Dutchboy Theater Seating

Theatre Seating with Console: 72" W x 36" D x 38" H              ..


Dutchboy Theater Sofa With Middle Console

Theatre Seating with Console: 96" W x 36" D x 38" H              ..


Elite Loveseat

Lambright Elite Loveseat: 54"W x 41"H x 36"D              &n..


Elite Recliner

Model Lambright Elite: 30"W x 41"H x 35"DMaterial Options: Standard Fabric, Premium Fabric & Ult..


Elite Reclining Sofa

Sofa: 78"W x 41"H x 38"DMaterial Options: Standard Fabric, Premium Fabric & Ultra LeatherReclini..


Elite Theater Seating

Lambright Elite Theater Seating: 68"W x 41"H x 36"D              ..


Flexsteel 4075 Easy Bed

Our easy bed sofa is ready to provide comfortable support wherever the road takes you. This side..


Flexsteel 4320 Easy Bed

Incorporating HR high resiliency foam and ample amounts of Dacron poly wrap the model 4320 is sure t..


Flexsteel 4690 Sofa Sleeper

Our Convertible Sofa Sleepers give you the advantage of a larger bed size in a shorter overall width..


Flexsteel 4875 Sofa Sleeper

Model 4874 & 4875 is a conventional hide-a-bed style sofa bed; Flexsteel RV Furniture manufactur..


Flexsteel 6 Way Power Switch

Flexsteel 6 Way Power SwitchPart #F9014$65 each *Fits most Flexsteel Captain Seats**THIS IS A R..



Replacement Air Pump for Flexsteel Air Sofa Mattress (110 volt)WARRANTY: There is no warranty on par..



Kit Includes Bearing Ring, Bolt, Nylon Washer and Large WasherWARRANTY: There is no warranty on part..


Flexsteel Footrest Drive Cable

Flexsteel Footrest Drive CableWARRANTY: There is no warranty on parts...


Flexsteel Footrest Motor

Flexsteel Footrest Motor F9052Motors starting with 19830 replaces all footrest motors. *Price d..


Flexsteel Juniper 404 BUSR

DIMENSIONS  26"W X 26"D X 35"HPRODUCT DETAILS19.5" Seat Depth20.5" Seat Height20.5" Seat width&..


Flexsteel Power Footrest Switch

24727 Electric Footrest Switch for Flexsteel Captains ChairsWARRANTY: There is no warranty on parts...


Flexsteel Recliner Handle

10" Flexsteel Plastic Recliner HandlePart #F9080$25 each *Fits most Flexsteel reclinersWARRANTY..


Flexsteel Remote Cable

Flexsteel Remote CablePart #F9030-37Used for Driver / Passenger Seats : Operates swivel and slide tr..


Flexsteel Replacement Bladder Double

Replacement Air Mattress Bladder Double for Flexsteel Air Mattress..


Flexsteel RV Pedestal Bolt Down

Flexsteel Pedestals available in 3 heights 6.5", 8.5" and 9.5" Floor Mounting Plates 9" x 9" F..


Flip Up Table

Custom flip up table13"W x 7"-32"D x 24.75"HBase 9.75"WShipping NOT Included(Type in color name into..


Genet Coll Theater Seating

Theatre Seating With Drop Down Console: 86"W x 39"D x 42"HMaterial Options: Fabric & Leathe..


Harrison Loveseat

 Lambright Harrison Loveseat:54" W x 38" D x 41.5" H            &..


Harrison Recliner

Lambright Harrison Recliner: 30" Wide x 35" Deep x 41.5" High***Also available with 37" H (shorter b..


Harrison Theater seating

Lambright Harrison Theater Seating: 68"W x 37-41"H x 36"D            &..


Heritage Loveseat

Loveseat: 58" W x 36" D x 40" HLoveseat with Console: 68" W x 36" D x 40" H    &..


Hillarie Loveseat

Loveseat: 56" W x 40.5" D x 42" HLoveseat with Console: 63.5" W x 40.5" D x 42" HMaterial Optio..


Hillarie Sofa

Sofa: 80" W x 40.5" D x 42" HMaterial Options: Fabric & Leather/VinylReclining Options:&nbs..



PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Villa J-Lounge DIMENSIONS58"W x 34"D x 34"H66"W x 34"D x ..


Jacknife Sofa In Fabric

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Jacknife Sofa In Fabric  - Model # C-1946DIMENSIONS74"W x ..


JU-ST 2 Cup Table

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:   American Made Side Table Stains: Dark Cherry, Dark ..


Krause RV Flooring

About KrausHistoryThe Kraus Group is one of the largest integrated carpet and flooring manufacturers..


Kustom Fit Gear Driver

This Kustom Fit Gear Driver can be used on power foot rests.Part #K9070DWARRANTY: There is no warran..


Kustom Fit Remote Cable

Kustom Fit Remote Cable Part # K9030 & K903142" Overall LengthZ End Cable works the swivel ..


Lambright 4080 Sofa Sleeper Luxe

The Luxe hideabed offers a theater console and sofa sleeper in one. You can order with regular Gold ..


Lambright EZ Sleeper Jacknife Sofa

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Lambright Jacknife Sofa NEW PRODUCT!!DIMENSIONS68"W ..


Lambright Harrison Jacknife Sofa

NEW PRODUCT!! The Harrison Jacknife offers both storage and a bed, making this one of our most ..


Lambright Harrison Sofa Sleeper Full Size

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Lambright Sofa Sleeper HarrisonDIMENSIONS70"W x 37"H x 33.5"D7..


Lambright Harrison Sofa Sleeper Queen Size

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Lambright Sofa Sleeper HarrisonDIMENSIONS76"W x 37"H x 33..


Lambright Smart Cabinet 10"

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Lambright Smart Cabinet 10"- Hinged top for your remotes&..


Lambright Smart Cabinet 6"

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Lambright Smart Cabinet 6"- Hinged top for your remotes- ..


Lambright Smart Cabinet 8"

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Lambright Smart Cabinet 8"- Hinged top for remotes  ..


Lambright Superior Recliner

Model Lambright Superior Recliner: 33"W x 38"H x 35"DMaterial Options: Standard Fabric, Premium Fabr..


Lazy Lounger Love seat

Lambright Lazy Lounger Loveseat: 48" W x 35" D x 41"H***Also available with 37" H (shorter back..


Lazy Lounger Recliner

Lambright Lazy Lounger Recliner: 27" Wide x 35" Deep x 41" High***Also available with 37" H (sh..


Lazy Lounger Theater Seating

 Lambright Lazy Lounger Theater Seating: 62" W x 35" D x 41"H        &..


Lazy Relax-R Loveseat

Lambright Lazy Relax-R Loveseat : 48" W x 36" D x 42" HMaterial Options: Standard Fabric, Premi..


Lazy Relaxor

Lambright Lazy Relaxor Recliner: 26" Wide x 35" Deep x 42.5" High***Also available with 37" H (..


Lift Recliner

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #:  Villa Lift Recliner  DIMENSIONS30"W x 26"D x 42"HShi..


Lite Lazy Relaxor Recliner

Lambright Lazy Relaxor Lite Recliner: 24" Wide x 36" Deep x 38" High***Also available with 37" ..


Luxe Loveseat

Lambright Luxe Loveseat: 54"W x 40"H x 35"D                &..


Luxe Recliner

Lambright Luxe Recliner: 29" Wide x 35" Deep x 40" HighMaterial Options: Standard Fabric, Premi..


Luxe Theater Sofa

Lambright Luxe Theater Sofa: 78"W x 40"H x 35"D              &nbs..


Luxe Theatre Seating

Lambright Luxe Theater Seating: 68"W x 40"H x 35"D              &..


Patrick Euro Chair

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Patrick Euro Chair DIMENSIONS27"W x 30"D x 39"H..



PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Flexsteel Pedestals- Model # FURNDIMENSIONSPedestal 1 : 8"W x 11"L x..


Pocket Table

J-22018"W x 9"D x 29"HTable: 22 1/2"L x 14"WStains: Ash & Medium Cherry ..


Recessed Power Outlet 2

Recessed power outlet with 2 power sockets & 2 USB ports. Comes in bothblack & white.Part #$..


Recliner Luxe

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Luxe Recliner - Model # C-1947DIMENSIONS29"W x 35"D x 40"H ..


Rescessed Power Outlet

Recessed power outlet with 2 USB portsPart #$40 each WARRANTY: There is no warranty on parts...


Roller Shades

PRODUCT DETAILSProduct Model #: Roller Shades - Model # FURNDIMENSIONS(2) 39"W x 50.5"L (Shown)..


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