Stratman Loveseat

How to measure a sofa


Height: Measure from the floor to the top of sofa back.
Width: Measure the full width of the area the furniture will occupy OR 
from the outside edge of left arm to outside edge of right arm on your current sofa.
Depth: Measure from the wall/cabinet out to the edge of the area the furniture will occupy OR to the front of your current sofa.


Is your sofa on a RAISED or FLAT floor?


Flexsteel on a 5" raised floor

Flexsteel sofa on a 5" Raised Floor

Flexsteel sofa on a 5" Raised Floor

Flexsteel sofa on a flat floor

Flexsteel sofa on a flat floor

Stratman Loveseat

Product Description

Loveseat: 56"W x 39"D x 43"H

Loveseat With Console: 69.5"W  x 39"D x 43"H

Material Options: Standard Fabric & Genuine Leather 

Reclining Options: Manual or Power 

NEW PRODUCT!! The Stratman is all about comfort and style, and it provides a luxurious experience.The choices are endless with the power to recline at the push of a button, or manual reclining feature that is activated by an outside handle.  Upgrade your comfort by adding the Power Headrest function that supports your head and neck while watching television or reading a book. The Power Tilt Headrest comes with a built in USB charger so you can charge your devices as you sit and relax in your loveseat. 

3-4" away from the wall to fully recline with a wallhugging recliner.

6-12" away from the wall with a non wallhugger.

Overall 67" in length when fully reclined from the wall.

If your not comfortable measuring your unit don't worry! We have someone that can measure your RV / Slide out and offer you the best solutions. Please call us to make sure your loveseat is in stock! #541-998-6541

Shipping Options

Price does not include shipping to your residence or our store.  Please call for quote.

  • $1,655.00

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