Flexsteel Parts IN STOCK

Not only do we carry these parts but our team is available to install them OR directly ship them to you. If you don’t see what your looking for online, simply give us a call or send us an email and picture of the part/s you are looking for. We also make repairs at our shop, call for inquiries.

Please email pictures to:

Inventory: Seat belts, Brackets, Handles, Bearing Kits, Pedestal Base, 6 Way Power Units, Footrest Motors, Gears, Foam, Screw / Bolts, Lights, Fuses, Heat elements, Diodes, Relays, and MORE!

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Slide-Out Slicker

The slide-out slicker is a handy piece of plastic that you put on your floor just before you pull yo..


Table Leg Assembly

Includes Leg, Base Plate, Base Plate Plug and Top Plate for Table Our Removable Dinette Table Leg..


Trans Recharge B9010

The MC 160 AKKU-Pack is a power supply designed for "off-power-grid" use in Motion Furniture.PRODUCT..


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